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Fireplaces for Indoors and Outdoors

LPG, Propane fireplaces provide at home the rare combination of beauty, practicality and warmth.  They can be installed indoors or even outdoors, are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and the attractiveness of a real flame brings both comfort and ambiance to any room. When freestanding, they can easily retro-fit into existing fireplaces or heater openings and they are an attractive way to add character and also value to any home. 

High efficiency propane fireplaces are suitable for all climates and can achieve Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of over 90 percent.  Most utilize a direct vent design, so the air used for combustion comes directly from outdoors.  This means that the fireplace isn't sucking warm air out of the house for combustion, the way traditional wood-burning units do.  Direct vent propane fireplaces have outdoor air ducted into the unit for combustion, which adds efficiency and keeps warm air inside the home.  An insulated outer casing limits heat loss through the unit's walls, when it is located on an exterior wall in the home.  This allows the fireplace to add to the home's efficiency even when it isn't operating.  An automatic ignition allows the propane unit to efficiently and safely start the fireplace without a standing pilot light.  Advanced or "turndown" controls let homeowners modulate a unit's fire/heat output to provide consistent ambiance, but without overheating.  With efficeincy levels and controls offered by LPG/propane fireplaces, they are a good option to provide zone heating in a portion of a home.  This optimizes comfort in those parts of the home most often occupied and also save energy costs.

LPG, Propane fireplaces carry a much lighter environmental footprint than traditional wood firepalces.  They produce fewer particulate emissions and less carbon monoxide emissions compared with wood-burning fireplaces.  Jurisdictions in parts of some countries restrict the use of the traditional wood-burning fireplaces during certain times of the year, due to their detrimental air quality impact.  Propane firepalces are also more environmentally friendly than electric fireplace units, which obtain the electricity from coal-fired power plants.   Coal-fired powere plants generate significant carbon dioxide emisions along with other pollutants which have adverse efffects on air quality and the environment as a whole. 


  • Inbuilt or Freestanding fireplaces
  • Equipped with thermostas and programmable timers
  • Many are equipped with remote controls
  • Multi-speed fans
  • Electronic ignition
  • Flues or power flues


  • Efficient, Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of LPG fireplaces are over 90 percent in comparison to 15 percent FE for wood-burning fireplaces
  • Deliver high heat output ratings, 5 to 6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces
  • Instant on and off.  They start instantly and can be turned off just as fast.
  • They burn clean with no clean up of soot and ash required
  • Better indoor air quality in contrast to smoky wood fireplaces
  • They have direct vents for incoming combustion air and a flue or power flue to take the combustion gas outside the home


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