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Pool Heater

An LPG pool heating system is energy efficient and a great way to extend the swimming season in temperate climates. Utilising an LPG pool heater (which can be installed in a nearby shed or garage) can provide an energy-efficient, rapid-responding pool heating option. The same LPG system can be used to heat hot tubs or spas. There are models available for all types of pools and spas whether indoor or outdoor, above or below-ground, as well as for residential or commercial settings. LPG pool heaters can also complement solar pool heaters by supplementing energy.


Features range with depending on the manufacturer, model, and usage. 


Easy installation and low installation costs are just a two of the many advantages associated with LPG powered pool heaters. These advanced water heating systems are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to extend the pleasure of pool use into the colder season

  • More Efficient: Quicker heating allows for you to run your pool heater on demand
  • Convenient: The swim season can be extended in colder climates; Allowing for pools to be opened earlier and closed later.
  • Clean: Using LPG produces less than half of the greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity

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