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Bio Shredder

An LPG Bio Shredder shreds, tears, and breaks bulky debris and tree branches to mulch, compost or wood chips into manageable pieces that are easy to transport and economical to dispose of. It is configured in a variety of sizes as mobile or stationary units for easy use even in remote areas.

For landscapers, LPG Shredders are useful for effective landscaping while large lot owners and rental services can use it for effective and efficient clean up. This helps to keep the environment clean and keeps yard waste out of landfills. Bio Shredder is easy to start with an option of electric and recoil starter. LPG Bio shredder provides users with a machine that ensures longer life, lower operations, and maintenance costs.


- High capacity

- Easy blade replacement and adjustment

- It features superior engines- 9HP and 15HPengines

- It is fast with a speed of 2400 rpm

- Material supply system ensures stable and constant supply


- Low noise and dust

- Easy to start by priming and pull

- Safe & easy to operate

- Easy to maintain

- Reliable & durable

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