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Radiant Ceramic Heaters

Gas-fired high-intensity ceramic heaters produce heat from a compact heating ceramic surface, and are ideal for situations where wall or floor space is at a premium. These LPG/Propane heaters are able to direct heat much more effectively than other alternatives in the market and usually consume much less gas for the same heating effect.  The ceremic panel creates a field of infra-red thermal radiation, which is not affected by wind and weather, but warms people and equipments directly.


  • Infrared rays transmit radiant heat that warm the objects they are directed to. They naturally heat the room, the floor, machinery and occupants without wasting heat in the roof of the building.
  • Ceramic elements have the greatest capacity to transform energy into directional heat rays. The honeycomb pattern and outlets of each individual plaque keep combustion inside the ceramic material, increasing the surface temperature as well as the infrared heat emission.
  • Infrared rays concentrate heat where it is needed and propagate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission.


  • The possibilities of partial heating, selection of temperatures by area and programming of operating times enable optimum energy usage.
  • For most commercial and industrial premises, the flexibility of LPG radiant heaters brings optimum comfort to personnel with energy consumption considerably lower than any other form of heating.
  • Ceramic heating elements are self-regulating - keeping their temperature below 200 degrees celsius at all times - thus providing a significant safety advantage over electric heaters.
  • The absence of moving parts provides the added benefit of silent operation and creates no dust movement. 



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