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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners allow for adequate cleaning of dusty environments and cleaning of heavy industrial sectors. They can also be used in public areas or warehouses, loading docks, parking and aviation sectors. Over the years, LPG industrial vacuum cleaners have made inroads into the market, providing industrial clients with a covenient and efficient cleaning option. 

LPG industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for jobs in the metal-working industries or foundries, and in all other sectors in which there are small to medium sized waste, loosely discarded. They provide a better alternative to sweeping techniques, as the dirt is efficiently vacuumed. With LPG industrial vacuum cleaners, suction remains constant throughout the cleaning exercise and user can easily switch from wet to dry cleaning, and vice versa.



  • Easy operation and multi-purpose vacuuming - outdoor & well vented indoor
  • Oeprates clean burning LPG/Propane safely
  • No chains, belts or several moving parts
  • Low dust dispersion
  • Easy adaptation to individual cleaning needs
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning
  • Easily transportable in a mini-van, van, trailer bed or pick-up truck



  • Better dust control and huge suction rate
  • Environmental friendly
  • Ease of use and mobility: unhindered by the length of electric power cord
  • Durable and cost effective
  • No wires to interefer in work