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LPG Refrigerators, freezers and coolers

LPG refrigerators, freezers and chillers are increasingly popular and widely used in off grid and remote locations such as camping sites, hunting camps, vacation cabins, cottages, and off grid houses as well as mobile homes, caravans etc..

As dedicated LPG units, they operate without an engine/motor, they have no moving parts and they use LPG as their primary energy source and are available in various sizes.

They are particularly appreciated by campers and all those who enjoy outdoor activities away from areas where electricity is available and also by those who require silent operation, particularly appreciated in small spaces, small appartments, bungalows, hotel rooms, mobile homes and campers.


  • Offer similar features compared to electric equivalent models


  • Environmental friendly
  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption, economic to run
  • Portable or transportable in small size configurations

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