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Plancha Grills

The plancha grill is a versatile platform for many cooking techniques such as sautéing, toasting, stir frying, browning, blackening, grilling, braising, roasting and flambéing. The steel cook-surface seasons like cast iron cookware, providing a natural non-stick surface. It can be used to prepare almost any type of food. The most common design for a plancha grill is a flat steel surface, however some are designed with a slightly convex surface or crowned in the centre allowing for the easy extraction and disposal of excess grease. 


The LPG plancha grill provides all the features of an electric plancha grill being at the same time much faster


  • All the benefits of cooking with LPG, acknowledged by renowned cooking chefs, fast/immediate heat, precise temperature regulation etc.
  • The problem of having smaller or delicate foods falling through the grate is easily avoided with the plancha grills.
  • Closed-flame plancha grills utilise energy better because they capture the heat under the steel coo- surface rather than letting it escape through the grates into the atmosphere, thus requiring less fuel to prepare a meal.
  • They emit less smoke than open-flame grills because the food and subsequent juices cannot come in direct contact with the burner elements, which often creates excessive smoke.
  • Food does not come in direct contact with the flame and any combustion products

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