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Portable Camping Water Heaters

Never again be left with a cold shower, get an endless hot water shower supply anywhere you are.

Portable tankless water heater is great for taking camping, to the beach or family vacations. Use it when going on hunting trips, weekend getaways or even at home. Not only is the portable water heater for taking a hot shower, but can also be used for washing your car, boat or even your pets. You can even use the water heater to rinse off sand from a long day at the beach. Keep your whole family happy and clean with an endless supply of hot water. Sometimes it hooks up easily also to a pressure washer for better cleaning for those deep dirty stains.

Often provided with automatic battery ignition, it is completely independed from power supply.

Never be left with freezing cold water again! Get a comfortable supply of hot water for all uses.


  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Garden hose adapter availability
  • Often equipped with rechargeable battery to pump the water, which can be recharged in the car or off of a household outlet
  • Simple to maintain, the heater can be cleaned with a simple household solution


  • Clean LPG burning
  • Uses same supply, as for all other camping uses, cooking, heating, most of the times running on LPG cylinders
  • Simple to setup and use.
  • Efficient
  • Heats up water very fast


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