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LPG Tumble Dryers

LPG powered tumble dryers are a greqt choice for drying clothes. They are usually available in all ranges of size from smaller units suited to domestic, home use, through units suitable for launderettes, to very large units for the large loads encountered in hotels and hospitals. They are very economical to run compared to their electrical counterparts. Available in various types and designs, they make a welcome addition to any home. With their high energy efficiencies, the LPG tumble dryers help homes save on energy and money whilst easing the burden of washing load.
In addition to all the great environmental, time and running cost savings, the quality of the dryness and softness of the clothes is also far superior.
The LPG heated air combined often with inbuilt sensors ensure that clothes don’t over-dry, thus eliminates the build-up of static electricity and ensuring that the clothes are not only soft, but with less wrinkles and ultimately requiring less amount of ironing (if any).


  • All the features of electic tumble dryers
  • Automated functions and electronic sensors and devices depending on models


  • Very economical to run
  • High energy efficiency resulting to energy savings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better drying quality resulting to softer clothes

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