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Fork Lift Trucks powering

A fork lift truck is an industrial truck used to lift, engage, move materials and transfer palletized loads in warehousing, manufacturing, materials handling, and construction applications for short distances.  Diesel, electricity and LPG are regularly used to power forklift trucks.  However, LPG forklift trucks present an invaluable alternative to both diesel and electric counterbalance forklifts, and the low emissions from LPG, means LPG forkilift trucks can be used almost anywhere, including food and other hygiene sensitive environments.

LPG fork lift trucks are also highly suited to working in remote locations. The portability of LPG allows it to be easily transportable thereby making LPG forklift trucks to be the truck of choice in remote places.

Refuelling of LPG fork lift trucks has several advantages over other alternatives; replacing an empty LPG cylinder with a full one is a quick procedure, versus battery recharging or change-overs associated with electric trucks.

LPG forklift trucks are the preferred choice for various reasons including, competitive pricing, environmentally friendly, suitability for inside or outside usage, and convenience for round the clock work.


  • Quieter in use than diesel alternatives  
  • Produces sisgnicantsly less air emissions than diesel powered forklifts 
  • Exhaust catalytic converters work more efficiently on higher temperature LPG spark ignition engines, than on diesel compression ignition engines
  • Performance characteristics usually superior to electric and diesel powered equivalents, 
  • Travel speeds, rates of acceleration, and lift speeds, usually outperform their electric/diesel rivals, because of better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines


  • LPG forklift trucks are best performers with indoor or outdoor flexibility, they can even operate in temperatures as low as -20oC.
  • The LPG as fuel for the fork lift truck engines produces fewer deposits than gasoline and diesel resulting in lower maintenance costs and extending engine life.
  • More economical to run and maintain, they may offer greater productivity at lower cost.
  • Fast – LPG forklifts trucks achieve higher acceleration and travel faster than their electric counterparts
  • Quick to refuel — it takes less time to fill a LPG tank than eg to switch or charge a battery, or refill a CNG tank.
  • Effective – LPG as a fuel source provides constant power to consistently lift, push and pull loads throughout the workshift



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    LPG forklifts are used to engage, lift, and transfer palletized loads in warehousing, manufacturing, materials handling, and construction applications both indoors and outdoors. Diesel, electricity and LPG are the ‘big ... Read More