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Frost protection

Each year millions of acres of fruit orchards, vineyards and other crop fields risk being subjected to freezing temperatures.

This has emphasised the need for farmers to engage in activities to mitigate the effects of subzero temperatures. These frost/freeze protection methods are based on preventing or replacing radiant heat loss.
The investment in some form of frost protection or combination of systems may mean the difference between a zero and total crop loss.

Heating is a method for frost protection that has been relied upon for centuries.

LPG is an exceptional energy source for orchard heaters because of its portability and its ability to provide powerful heat with a smaller environmental footprint.

A less known but very cost effective method for frost protection is the use of wind machines. These work with nature to pull warmer air down into the orchard or growing field to raise temperatures and save crops. These machines are available in models that consist of LPG powered engines.

LPG powered frost protection systems are the clean, green and economical way to grow horticultural businesses.


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