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Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti can appear virtually on any wall and surface at schools, arenas, parks, office buildings, anywhere in the street and other areas where people congregate. Every year millions are being spent cleaning graffiti from these walls and an effective and efficient graffiti cleaning process is increasingly becoming vital. LPG fuelled equipment can be used as a very efficient and cost effective solution to cleaning graffiti.

When it comes to graffiti removal clean-up efforts, LPG pressure washer are a great match for graffiti artists and can help council or city officials effectively and effortlessly remove the artworks on walls without damaging the surface.


High efficiencies, fuel and operational flexibility, advanced emissions controls, and high reliability and availability


  • Environmentally friendly: Propane is a cleaner-burning, lower polluting fuel than gasoline or diesel.
  • Fuel costs can be lower
  • LPG fuelled equipment are efficient and reliable
  • Chemicals free
  • No abrasives
  • No substrate damage to the surfaces



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