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Insect, Bug, Bird & Rodent Control

Pests come in various shapes and sizes and cause discomfort and inconvenience to domestic, commercial and industrial operators. The activities of insects, birds and rodents are a well-known challenge for farmers but they are not the only parties affected. Institutions like hotels have a prerogative to keep their facilities in pristine condition for their clients while families try to protect themselves and their premises from various pests. There has been a recent move away from harmful chemical-based pest control methods that has seen LPG emerge as an effective solution in another functional area of life.

Farmers all over the world search for specially designed devices that can dissuade birds from eating recently planted arable crops. Such devices are also used on airfields to prevent birds accumulating near runways and causing a potential hazard to aircraft.
Towards the end of the 20th century, one of the most popular types of bird scarers used by farmers in Europe and America was the LPG powered gas gun which produces a periodic loud explosion.

Also, for lawn & garden contractors who work hard keeping their customers lawns in top shape, seeing the damage caused by moles, voles or other burrowing pets can be terrible.
The onus is on them to find reliable methods to evict these critters for good without using harmful chemicals of questionable effectiveness.
LPG provides another solution to this in the form of LPG rodent control blasters.

Another domain where homes and business are trying to find non-chemical solutions is in insect control. Thermal remediation heaters have now been developed which use heat instead of chemical to control bedbug infestations. These units are powered by LPG generators providing a safe, environmentally friendly way to control bedbugs without  the use of chemicals.
LPG Heat treatment methods are not limited to only bedbugs but are used to protect structures against spiders, cockroaches, termites and ants as well. Direct fired gas heaters are effective for treatment of insects and raising interior and exterior wall temperatures to lethal levels for wood destroying pests like termites.

On a more personal note for the homeowner, mosquitoes are an age-old nuisance and are notorious for carrying diseases such as malaria in tropical regions.
New mosquito traps protect up to an acre of land from these invaders. These appliances use a remarkably effective design. They turn LPG into carbon dioxide, heat and moisture — the primary attractants for mosquitoes. When mosquitoes fly toward the trap, they are vacuumed into a net (or trapped with adhesive) where they dehydrate and die. 

LPG is truly a diverse and adaptable solution which satisfies various needs across all industries and user bases. 


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