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Land/ Garden Care/ Gardening

In almost every part of the world, people love to spend time in parks and garden areas. From golf clubs and woodlands to city parks and back gardens, modern lifestyle increasingly demands a significant ‘outdoors’ element. The use of environmentally sensitive maintenance and development operations is paramount to the creation of sustainable open spaces. LPG-powered appliances play an important role in this process and can be used in both private and public spaces for a variety of purposes. The portable, clean burning and non-toxic nature of this fuel makes it a favourite of ground care specialists all over the world.


Some of the major land care applications in which LPG is an energy source include: 
Weed burning

  • grass cutting & trimming
  • pressure washing
  • leaf blowing
  • water pumping


LPG fuels weed control activities by powering large and small scale weed burners that are suitable for all types of weeds. These leave no harmful residue and do not damage the soil.  

LPG-powered mowers are cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline and diesel models.  Professional gardeners like them for their low emissions, safe refuelling and top performance.

Pressure washing is used on patios and other hard-standing areas that need regular cleaning. LPG powered washers are non-polluting and highly portable; ideal for areas of any size.

Trimming and leaf blowing are essential functions to create neater and more beautiful garden areas. The LPG appliances that perform these functions are cordless, portable and environmentally friendly – ideal for home or professional use.

Some gardens or parklands can be located far away from the nearest water main.  In these cases, LPG can provide the power required to get water to the exact required location without the harmful emissions associated with other fuels.