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Quality light is a critical and often unrecognised necessity in community development. This is given in developped countries but a large majority of people living in developing countries and remote regions rely on inferior lighting systems (eg. kerosene wick lamps). Without light, rural and urban development is inhibited as people spend their nights "in the dark" and are unable to engage in many types of evening activities that those in the developed world take for granted.

LPG lighting comes to bridge the gap and provide solutions in these countries and even even more generally provide lighting anywhere off the grid, for remote outdoor activities, whether for pleasure eg camping sites, beaches or for work eg remote construction activities. A particular use of LPG lighting can be found during emergency situations and disaster management as earthquakes, floods etc. 

LPG light systems provide quality, strong and durable lighting.


  • An effective and efficient source of light anywhere where electricity not available
  • A variety of small medium and large lighting systems and lantern sizes with or without piezo ignition for convenient and easy lighting


  • Effective and cost efficient : LPG  powered lamps provide an effective light source away from electricity and require no batteries or recharging.
  • Bright and quality lighting
  • Environmentally friendly