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Melting is another important but energy-intensive industrial process.

LPG is constantly used for melting in metal industry foundries as well as in other industries such as the glass, construction and asphalting industries.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, iron, gold, silver and even substances such as glass have to be melted and remolded to serve various purposes.

The two main types of apparatus used to melt metals are blowtorches and furnaces; whose respective use depends not only on processing scale but also on the metal to be melted.

Glass works are high-temperature, energy intensive processes where temperatures in the order of 1350-1600oC are required in order to liquefy glass. A high grade fuel like LPG is the most suitable to control the heating up process and then increase temperatures in a manner that accommodates structure expansion. 

Melting furnaces are generally classified based on energy source for heat generation.

  • Fuel-combustion based furnaces
  • Electricity-to-heat furnaces

The main types of gas-fuelled melting furnaces are crucible / pot furnaces, rotary drum furnaces and reverberatory furnaces


LP Gas fuels have the following combustion properties that make them highly desirable for melting applications.

Gas/Fuels Flame Temperature

Propane (in air)


Butane (in air)


Propane (in oxygen)


Propane-Butane-mix (in air)



LPG burners are popularly used for melting metals with melting points up to 1100oC (copper, silver, gold),


  • LPG ignites as soon as the burner on the furnace is set and the gas valve is opened. Ignition is instant
  •  LPG burns cleanly all the time and requires no manual reloading during furnace runs since fresh LPG enters the burner constantly.
  •  LPG leaves no soot or residue.
  •  Propane is widely available due to its vast range of applications.
  •  It is suitable for melting metals of all types and sizes