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Heating (Sauna)

The joy of any sauna is its heating capacity especially during the cold period. In ancient times, heating saunas were nothing more than shallow fire pits dug in the ground covered by two or three layers of stones to heat the sweat huts. Since then, invention and technology has made saunas much more fun. Traditional sauna stove has evolved from wood-burning fires, to modern alternatives including sauna gas heating.  LPG can power sauna to provide heat through radiant infrared heaters, forced air heaters and convection heaters.

With LPG powered sauna heaters, heat generated is well circulated into the center of the room, keeping the heater elements much cooler thereby impacting the life spans of the elements.

There are glaring reasons why LPG sauna heating is becoming popular; gas saunas are significantly cheaper to operate than electric models. Likewise, gas is considered to be a cleaner' technology because it emits less CO2 than electricity does. Economically, generating heat in saunas with LPG is desirable, reliable, and provides a friendly energy source that seamlessly replaces or supplements electricity and natural gas.


  • It is more efficient than traditional electric heaters
  • It does not require continuous replacement of costly elements.


  • Cheaper to run than electric heaters
  • Produces less greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)
  • Quick to heat up, less waiting for sauna to be ready
  • No limitation as to its uses unlike wood fired saunas
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is less expensive to operate with higher heat output.