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Heating (Greenhouses)

Greenhouse heating is one of the most important factors to consider when growing plants in a greenhouse. Without a sufficient heating system in place, plants and vegetables can be damaged in cold winter months or suffer growth retardation.

There are many known ways to heat a greenhouse including paraffin, LPG, natural gas as well as electricity.
The high cost of fuel and the desire to garden sustainably are concentrating gardeners’ attention on operating greenhouses with the minimum energy usage.

LPG gas heaters are designed and manufactured for safe operation in moist greenhouse environments. These heaters not only burn efficiently to produce and radiate heat, but they also produce growth-enhancing CO2. 

Plants photosynthesize and respire at optimum temperatures during the day and then slow the rate of respiration during the cooler night. It is important for greenhouse owners to install heaters that are controllable enough to maintain these temperature differentials. LPG offers the level of controllable heat that is required to sustain healthy plant growth. It is the clean, safe and cost-effective energy source to provide heat to the greenhouse environment.