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Water Heating

Homes, hotels, businesses and even campers require a reliable source of energy for their staple hot water applications which include bathing, showering, dish-washing as well as laundry.  Gas Water heaters heat cold water above their initial temperature using gas, which is then stored at the desired temperature of the owner until the hot water is needed.

LPG satisfies these requirements and has the added advantages of reducing the user’s carbon footprint, as well as insuring individuals and businesses against the vulnerability of cuts in power supply.

LPG hot water systems are energy efficient, clean, compact, quiet and affordable. These attributes make LPG heaters a perfect match for all eco-friendly projects.

Apart from the traditional tank-style water heaters, there are tankless continuous flow systems that provide hot water on demand, at a constant flow to induce energy savings. No stored water means significantly reduced risks of bacteria. Tankless water heaters can even be mounted on the outside wall of the home.

In addition to being designed for use in the home and at work, gas fired water heaters extend their adaptability in order to be used in less conventional locations. Gas water heaters for boats are designed specifically for marine environments. These are becoming in demand as cookers and showers are now making appearances onboard available marine vessels.

LPG boosted solar hot water systems are another viable option.  With these, the energy of the sun is harnessed to heat water and minimise running costs.  An LPG gas booster is also included for times of low sunlight or peak demand.

A further option commonly used by larger consumers (such as hotels with pools and industrial operators) are Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP) systems which generate electricity and hot water.  These systems are extremely efficient, but to be an economic proposition, they require a steady minimum electrical demand and a corresponding minimum demand for hot water for a large proportion of the day. 


LPG water heaters can also be installed to provide hot water outdoor hot tubs, swimming pools, collective kitchens, showers, residential complexes as well as sports complexes. They easily maintain desired water temperatures. LP Gas water heaters are ideal for heating spas where heat is required by users in quick bursts as well as in sports and leisure facilities where demand is high.


LP Gas water heaters offer great flexibility because of their rapid heating ability and robustness. They offer a cheaper alternative to electrical heating and add a great deal to outdoor life. In addition, they are easy to maintain.   

  • A constant supply of hot water – never runs out, even in busy periods
  • Complete temperature control system to avoid fluctuating water temperatures
  • Competitively priced and economical to run
  • Reduces carbon footprint compared to oil-fired systems
  • Easy and compact to install, both indoors and outdoors – wherever you want it