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Steam Generation

Saturated Steam is generated by steam boilers/generators either as main generation plants, or at various process units requiring heat from various sources. Despite modern technology, gas boilers are still the most common appliances to provide the heat energy to generate steam. Gaseous fuels are without any question the easiest fuel to combust with the least danger of fouling a boiler.  

There are different types of boilers depending on size and energy source requirements.

Heaters (commonly fire-tube and water-tube boilers) may utilise any one or a combination of fossil fuels including refinery gas, natural gas, fuel oil, and powdered coal.

LPG has emerged as a fuel source of choice due to its environmentally friendly nature. Apart from costs, sustainability and fuel emissions have now become very important major fuel selection criteria for industrial operators.

LPG is cleaner when compared to other fossil fuel options as it can be considered as sulphur-free and allows for the easy reduction of NOx, which minimizes acid rain, carbon emissions as well as eliminates soot emissions. Solid fuels and fuel oils require supplemental anti-pollution devices to clean combustion products to meet environmental standards. This further lends to the argument that LPG is the clean and cost-effective option.