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Hot air is the medium used for drying in all forms of industrial, commercial and agricultural processes.

Air can be heated directly (from fuels, electric resistances & quenching processes) as well as indirectly (via heat exchangers).

Direct air heating using fuels involves mixing the air with combustion products. This leaves the air output highly susceptible to contamination (from sulphur compounds, soot, heavy metals and unburnt compounds) when heavier, dirtier fuels are used (e.g. fuel oil).

Direct heating using LPG meets cleanliness requirements for numerous processes especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The combustion product stream can sometimes be delivered from the flue gas from another process hence providing good energy conservation.

LPG is also used as a supplementary heat source for other drying processes e.g. quenching processes.

LPG-powered drying technology is used extensively in the textile industry but also various other processes in industry as well as in agricultural crop drying and commercial tumble dryers.