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Heating (Indoor)

LPG is the perfect heating fuel for off-grid homes combining flexibility, availability and low emissions and it is one of the most popular uses of LPG across the world. It is used in homes, schools, offices, bars, hospitals, restaurants, workshops, warehouses, workshops, industrial sites, sports complexes and many other kinds of enclosed spaces for warmth and comfort on cold days. 

LPG autonomous heaters are ideal to provide warmth for smaller rooms and spaces where there is no central heating or simply as a central geating suplement. In addition to providing warmth and comfort exactly where it is needed, when these are used as portable heaters in combination with central heating, they contribute to increased energy efficiency by allowing a lower overall temperature setting throughout the home or the indoor space. 

Central heating systems are also fuelled by LPG, and more recently more modern and eficient technologies like Gas Heat Pumps (GHPs) and Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) are increasibgly being used for indoor heating 

LPG heaters are also used in agricultural sector. They are used to maintain the right temperature for pig breeding, chicken and poultry breeding. For greenhouse applications, they are popular at all sizes ranging from small units for private gardeners to large units for high productions. Over the years, LPG is one of the most popular choices for greenhouse heating requirements.


In the form of autonomous units, the LPG heaters can be very versatile and portable at small sizes, they offer quick heating and require little maintenance. 


  • As autonomous portable units, they offer short warm up time and almost immediate heating effect once they are turned on.
  • Due to their portability, heat is located and focused where it is needed. Rather than having to heat entire indoor spaces, a radiant LPG heater can be positioned where the people are, in many professional applications next to eg the workers.
  • The heating can easily be zoned
  • LPG heaters offer greater portability, quick heating and may cost less in maintenance than electric powered heaters.
  • Reduced air movement and circulation of dust in some areas and applications like warehouses
  • Savings in energy consumption and in particular when modern and eficient technologies like Gas Heat Pumps (GHPs) and Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) are used
  • Very beneficial in more remote locations like garages, barns, cabins, workshops, hunting blinds, deer stands etc..and in difficult situations such as power outages and natural disasters due to their independancy from the grid.