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Automotive Fuel

Automotive LPG or autogas is the most common alternative fuel an ideal fuel for vehicles and fleets. Its low emissions and virtually non-existent particulate emissions have an immediate impact on local air quality. 

There are already 23 million vehicles worldwide powered by autogas. It is not only available and abundant in supply, but it is also economical and environmentally sound.  


LPG has the longest driving range of any alternative fuel option. Due to a higher octane rating and efficient combustion, LPG autogas exhibits outstanding performance.
-  LPG provides an octane rating of 104 compared to regular gasoline’s rating of 87 hence enhancing performance.
- The horsepower and torque of LPG autogas is greater than or equal to its gasoline equivalent.

LPG’s low working pressure, narrow flammability range and rigorous pretesting make it a very safe alternative fuel.
- Autogas has a narrower flammability range than gasoline, reducing the risk of fire. 
- Autogas vehicle tanks have a working pressure of 312 PSI while natural gas tanks have a working pressure of 3600 PSI
- LPG Autogas vehicle tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline or diesel tanks and are tested at up to 4 times their normal operating pressure.


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