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Cooking Outdoors

LPG is the fuel of choice for outdoor cooking. Whether used for barbecues in caravans or is small containers on remote hikes, LPG provides safe, controllable heat for outdoor cooking. 

Outdoor cooking is one of the most popular applications of LPG and another significant opportunity for the fuel to stand in as a cleaner energy source.

From the traditional barbecue and campers’ grills to the larger flattop grills, there are a wide variety of cooking solutions available to individuals and groups that help deliver great, perfectly cooked food in the outdoors.

Firing up portable and larger barbecue grill units is one of the most popular and common ways in which people use LPG in their gardens. They are generally available and widely used domestically as well as in social settings.

Outdoor gas fryers and stoves are available and are very reliable choices for cooking outdoors, camping, or backyard cooking.

Gas Pizza Ovens are known to produce the finest flavours, especially when cooking with meats. These ovens also offer a greater degree of temperature control than traditional Pizza Ovens.

Rotisseries are a common solution for roasting several pieces of skewered meat (usually chicken) simultaneously in a tasty, safe and energy conserving manner. They are common in food shops and market stalls.


LPG offers significant advantages in its reduction of harmful emissions and is thus a wise fuel partner when enjoying nature and the outdoors. Highly portable, with a wide range of storage options, LPG is the most flexible of all energy sources and responds perfectly to the needs of millions of leisure enthusiasts around the globe.


LPG offers various benefits. The most attractive of these is the fact due to its cleaner combustion, directly cooked meals are healthier (especially when direct flame cooking methods are applied) because toxic fumes and flames do not contaminate cookery.Others include the production of an instant flame as well as controllable heat due to its blue flame.

It is efficient, facilitates easy cooking and is cost effective.

  • LPG releases 11.7% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil*. LPG burns cleanly with virtually no soot and minimal sulphur emissions.
  • LPG poses fewer ground or water pollution risks.
  • LPG provides the best alternative to mains gas for rural households.