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Car Washing

Car washing is vital to maintaining and preserving a car. LPG car washers offer an efficient and effective energy alternative in car wash services, parking lots, car detailing shops, car service centers, hypermarkets etc.

LPG can be used as the primary source of energy for water based car washers or steam based car washers, found either as fixed units or portable, mobile equipment.



  • In all equipment configurations, LPG Car Washing offers hot water or steam based cleaning by using an environmentally friendly and efficient fuel


  • Environmentally friendly, LPG fueled car washers are efficient in their operation and respect the environment, LPG is a cleaner fuel
  • Energy savings, due to the efficiency of the LPG fuelled car washers and the lower cost of LPG as a fuel in many locations, LPG car washers can be more economical to operate.
  • Portability: Some LPG powered car washers, using water or steam, can be used anywhere due to their size and portability.