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Autogas is the abridged name for automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas, or LPG) – that is, LP Gas used as an automotive transport fuel. Autogas is today the most accepted alternative fuel in the automotive sector with more than 23 million vehicles operating worldwide. The added value of LPG as an automotive fuel is that it generates considerably fewer engine emissions than other fossil fuels, contributing to the protection of the environment and human health while also mitigating the threat of climate change.

Autogas is by far the most widely used and accepted alternative automotive fuel in use in the world today. Global consumption of Autogas has been rising rapidly in recent years, exceeding 23 million tonnes in 2011 – nearly 10mMT, or 60%, up on 2000 levels. 

The primary reason why governments in many countries actively encourage the use of Autogas and other alternative fuels is the environment. Autogas out-performs gasoline and diesel as well as some other alternative fuels in the majority of studies comparing environmental performance that have been conducted around the world. 

LPG goes far beyond providing cars with a clean fuel alternative. Autogas also powers ATVs, trucks, golf carts, three-wheelers, fork lift trucks and street cleaning vehicles.

LPG is used also on the water to power small recreational crafts and large ships as well as in the air, with hot air balloons end even small aircrafts using this exceptional energy source.