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Livestock Farming

The farming of poultry and livestock (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, cattle etc.) is an industry at work around the clock and one where a reliable power supply is absolutely essential.  

Temperature, humidity and air renewal are the three essential factors for optimal productivity in rearing houses. 
The level of control that LPG provides ensures that animals can be raised in the conditions they require to grow and stay healthy. The rapid temperature rise that LPG radiant heaters provide ensure that sheds and brooder houses heated to the optimum temperature which in turn influences feeding, sleeping, weight gain and even feathering in poultry.

Another function in livestock farming where LPG offers viable solutions is in sanitation. Hot water pressure washers are most popularly used by pork producers to sanitize pens, machinery and other farm equipment. This promotes healthy animals and prevents the spread of diseases.

Other popular LPG applications used in farming include bath heating, steam generation as well as drying.

LPG is an efficient and cleaner burning fuel, meaning that there is no fuel residue and the risk of contamination in game rearing is kept to an absolute minimum. LPG systems have low maintenance requirements and are exposed to zero risk of power outages or voltage reduction

Such advantages are of considerable importance, not only because they help protect animal welfare but because they save money and avoid waste which enhances a farm’s competitiveness.