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Bakeries are high consumers of energy, mainly due to their high demands for their ovens. Like the rest of the food industry, they require in addition, certain sanitary conditions during their bread, cakes, pastry etc. fabrication.

Traditionally, bakeries in several developing countries use wood as the fuel for bread baking. It is not environmental friendly, scarce, expensive and not sustainable.  LPG, partly due to the cleanliness of its combustion products, allows for the direct use of its fumes for the preparation of bakery products without risk of pollution.

With steep increase in electricity price across the world, numerous well-known bakeries around the world use LPG as a major ingredient for creating their delicacies such as biscuits, bread, pastries, puddings, cakes and all types of cream and bakery products of super quality.Bakery gas ovens powered by LPG provide the heat that bakes cakes, puddings, pastries and many more delectable cuisines. They allow food to be cooked quickly and efficiently.

Its major advantage over traditional bakery is the clean environment. Apart from its environmental benefits, LPG provides bakers with a number of benefits including cost savings, improved bread quality, fast heating speed, and good heat preservation. For all traditional bakeries, irrespective of their dimensions and capacities, the power, cleanliness, rapidity, and flexibility of LPG adapts itself to the most efficient baking techniques found in the industry.