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Road & Sidewalk Maintenance

Road and sidewalk maintenance is important for the environment. LPG powered machines are used in lighting, cleaning and maintaining of our roads. LPG powers street and walk way lights including floodlight in different parts of the world. It is also a fuel of choice in cleaning, cutting weeds, sweeping, our walkways.

Smaller units LPG fueled pressure washers handle the toughest and most demanding cleaning on sideways. They are able to clean dirt and tough stains evenly and effectively. LPG Gum removal machines are also used to remove gum from the walk ways.

In maintaining the lawns and aesthetic on our roads, LPG powered machines are environmentally sensitive. LPG powered weed control machines powered large and small scale weed burners that are suitable for all types of weeds without leaving harmful residue and damage the soil.  LPG appliances are increasingly being used to trim and cut trees, flowers and leaves on our roads with greater efficiency. The portable, clean burning and non-toxic nature of this fuel makes it a favourite for road and sidewalk maintenance throughout the world.

In developing countries where power supply is not stable, LPG can provide the power required for water pumping and wetting of the gardens and flowers planted by the roads.

The reasons for using LPG is not far fetch, today, the world  and business managers are faced with both climate change and business sustainability due to continuous increase in the prices of crude oil. The solution requires a green strategies and solutions. LPG offers an opportunity for sustainable cleaning practices and cost effectiveness vis a vis gasoline powered machines.