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Schools, Universities

Schools and universities use LPG for various activities within and outside the school including lighting, cooking, heating of water and warmth in the winter, cooling, baking, cleaning , etc.

In the classrooms, LPG can generate power and provide adequate and quality lighting in addition to heating the classrooms during the cold period. In the schools toilets and bathrooms, LPG powers heaters which provide warmth during the winter as well as hot water for bathing and showering. Gas Water heaters heat cold water above their initial temperature using gas, which is then stored at the desired temperature of the owner until the hot water is needed. LPG hot water systems are energy efficient, clean, compact, quiet and affordable.

In the universities halls and residences, dish washers, laundry, heating, cooling systems are commonly powered by LPG. For everyday cooking purposes, LPG stoves are the clear leader due to their heat capacity, cost-effectiveness, ease of operation and moderate levels of fuel consumption. For cleaning purposes, LPG powered vacuum cleaners, sweeping machines are popularly used for cleaning and maintaining internal surroundings which provides a healthy and effective environment for human activities.

LPG has advantages of reducing the user’s carbon footprint, it is eco-friendly, economical compared to other alternatives as well as insuring schools and universities against the vulnerability of cuts in power supply.