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Camping & Caravaning

LPG/Propane is a great fuel for use in many kinds of applications used in recreational activities, camping and caravaning. Easy to transport and to use, together with its its superior energy storage density, make it a very attractive fuel for outdoor recreational applications.

In mobile homes and caravans, it constitutes often the prime energy source for cooking, space heating, hot water heating and air conditioning.  Many campers also use LPG/Propane powered refrigerators or use with small portable generatiors for all types of recreational activities.  LPG/Propane is perfect for all these applicatons because of its portability and almost universal availability.

Lights fueled by LPG/Propane fuel are one of the oldest uses for LPG/Propane and it is still the prefered fuel of choice by campers today.  Camping heaters that mount directly onto LPG/Propane gas bottles, as well as free standing models are also a prominent feature with campers.

LPG/Propane fuelled appliances are especially popular with camp ground and caravan park operators, due to the typical remote locations of camp ground.