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About this site

Welcome to the Exceptional Energy in Action website. This site aims to be the most comprehensive and authoritative database for LPG applications available on the web. It is produced and maintained by the WLPGA and focuses on the mainstream variety of uses of LPG around the world.  Specific applications and associated appliances should be selected according to the advice of local LPG experts. Specific regard to local regulations and manufacturer’s instructions should also be made. The generic illustrations within this website make no claim for the effectiveness, safety and legality of specific appliances or applications. This information should be taken from appropriate technical safety and regulatory bodies appropriate to the country and the specific application. The regional or country LPG Associations can also provide specific advice on the available applications and appliances locally and help in the selection process.

The site itself is primarily structured by market sectors and subsectors so, for example, if you would like to see the many ways that LPG can be used at home, simply go to the domestic sector area.  Other sectors than the domestic one are industrial, agriculture, professional & commercial, mobility, energy & power, recreational and public sector.

The database is also classified on the basis of function, ie cooking, heating, air-conditioning etc.. Searching through this classification will reveal the applications that are classified under the specific function area.

If you know the application that you are looking for, you can simply input it into the search engine eg  “heat pump” or simply “water” to reveal the page of the heat pumps or all the sectors, sub-sectors, functions and application pages that are related to water. 

Although this site features illustrations of appliances, it is not designed to be an appliance catalogue.

At the end of the description of the specific application you will have the option of seeing if the application is used in the country you are interested in by simply clicking on the country on our globe. However, data on the regional or country availability of specific applications and appliances are still very limited and not yet sufficiently reliable, hence it is recommended that this function is used with much care. The same holds for the search function/field for Region.

If this is your first visit to a WLPGA website, you may also wish to browse through our other LPG resource websites and find out more about LPG, a truly exceptional energy, and the nature of LPG as an energy source.

For any comments, proposals for new applications or questions please email us on association@wlpga.org