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Flame Towers

The outdoors is a great place for entertaining and unwinding.  The LPG, propane flame tower is a decorative flame heater that provides both heat and ambient light and is a perfect setting for creating a warm and cosy environment for entertaining. It can be used for both domestic and commercial use.   This allows everyone to make the most of their time outdoors both in summer and even winter.


Most often it  features an aluminium or stainless steel heat reflector, toughened glass tubes and stainless steel housing and guards. This makes the heater as much of an ornament as it is an appliance.  In addition to being sturdy, it features often a safety tilt swich, in case the heater is knocked over, and this atuomatically shuts off the unit, to prevent the risk of fire.  For easy portability, the wheeled base of the flame tower, allows its easy moving to where is needed.


  • Stylish and good-looking piece of equipment for the garden
  • Provides warmth and ambient light
  • Freestanding and mobile
  • Ease of use; no complicated installation by a professional to be done
  • Efficient
  • Long heating range due to the heat column system
  • Attacts attention, easily visible from a distance
  • Integrated ignition
  • Doesn't require much maintenance


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