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A lighter is a portable device used to produce a flame, and to ignite a variety of combustible materials, such as cigars, cigarettes, gas stoves, fireworks or candles. It consists of a metal or plastic container filled with pressurized liquid gas, a means of ignition to produce the flame.

There are many different kinds of butane lighters that offer selected secondary benefits based on user needs or desires. It is possible to find decorated lighters, lighters with engraved or attached logos, limited edition lighters, "dress" lighters, disposable lighters in different sizes, lighters to light candles, outdoor cooking stoves or wood-based fires and more. More lighters are being used with butane neither than with propane because of the characteristics like viscosity, vapour pressure, temperature of autoignition.

Technically, there are propane fuelled lighters, but their use is limited. One of the reasons is related to the vapor pressure of each at room temperature. At room temperature (25°C), the vapor pressure for butane is 35.4 psia. For propane, it's 135.7 psia. Hence the cost of producing a lighter that can safely contain propane is likely higher than the cost of producing a butane lighter.

Additionally, for this application, butane is more suitable than propane and more efficient per volume of gas. Propane has a lower boiling point, so it’s preferable for cold environments, where butane wouldn’t work so well (butane’s boiling point is near -1°C below that, it won’t convert to gas easily).


  • Includes easy fill technology
  • Improved fill cup helps reduce spills
  • Perfect for all cold weather activities
  • Sleek, thin design fits into the smallest pockets


  • Low Price 
  • Fast Burn 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Low Toxicity 
  • Energy Efficiency