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Deep Fryers

Deep-fried turkey, onion rings, donuts, churros, mozzarella sticks and many more delicious snacks can be prepared in home conditions without difficulty. A deep fryer is the kitchen appliance that can help the chef to achieve the desired crunchiness of the food.

There are three main types of deep fryers: electric, propane, air fryers. LPG powered deep fryers are perfect for camping or backyard cooking, and also for outdoor use in festival sites etc.. They are ideal for frying, steaming or boiling favourite snacks or meals.  They are easy to operate, to clean. to control accurately time and temperature. The versions with wheels can be easily transported anywhere where is needed and the flame safety shut-off greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Nowadays, fryers have some upgraded features such as a basket to put the food and raise when ready, also to clear the food from cooking oil so that it dries when it is prepared. Most are also featured with timers with an audible alarm, ventilation systems to reduce frying odours, oil filters to extend the usable life of the oil, and mechanical or electronic temperature control.


  • Built-in Thermostat 
  • Oil Change Notification with most
  • Cool Touch Exterior — the edge of the heater remains cold, therefore diminishing the risk of burns
  • Easy Drainage System 
  • Automatic Shutoff —a safety feature that will shut the heat off if the oil starts reaching critical temperatures.
  • Most equipped with multiple baskets — giving the opportunity to make multiple fried foods at the same time.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Accurate time and temperature control
  • Often very mobile on wheels can be easily transported anywhere where is needed
  • Minimum emissions with no smoke and soot