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Portable Camping Space Heaters / Tent Heaters

Camping is an outdoor activity that is popular year-round. If during the summer the whole activity is easier with no complex shelter needed, during the winter a sleeping bag is not enough to profit and enjoy entirely this recreational activity.

Many camping sites have no electricity access and placing the tent too close to the fireplace is not a great idea, so what other options exist? Only comfortable things, reliable tools and portable devices are valued when camping, so a tent heater would be the best solution in this case, and a propane fired one would be the most appropriate decision.

Such devices are perfectly suited for a relatively small space, because of the cheap gas price and valuable characteristics. Some of the tent heaters, for example, can heat a tent up to 28°C in just 5-6 minutes.

The bigger the tent is, the more input is needed to heat it. As tents differ in shape, number of layers and the seasonal use, heaters should be chosen accordingly.  

Portable propane heaters can be connected directly to 1lb propane cylinders and can also be connected to a 20lb cylinder with the purchase of a special hose and filter. These heaters are even suited for heating enclosed spaces like cabins up to 30 square meters.

With a built-in silent electric ignition, it’s as quiet as you can get which is necessary for those early mornings in the cold deer stand. It has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor and accidental tip-over safety shut-off, so you can enjoy comfortable, safe heat for years.

Tent heaters are equipped with a built-in safety features such as automatic shutdown when dropped, the oxygen sensor that switches off if the oxygen level in the room is insufficient, several temperature settings and piezo-ignition.

Warning: Tent heaters should only be used in spacious tents.


  • Mostly single control start knob
  • Hi-Low heat settings
  • Silent electronic ignition
  • Swivel regulators
  • Automatic low oxygen shut-off system (ODS) in many models
  • Accidental tip-over safety shut-off in many models
  • Connects to one 1 lb. cylinder, 20 lb. cylinder and other sizes with optional hose


  • Requires little maintenance
  • Ease of use; no complicated installation needed by a professional
  • Efficient
  • Mobile
  • Very economical to run