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LPG Gas Heat Pump

Gas Heat Pumps (GHPs) offer a solution for heating and cooling where electricity supplies are limited or unreliable.
They use the thermal energy released from burning a gaseous fuel to power a process which allows the system to extract energy from sources such as air, water or the ground in the form of heat. This heat can then be provided to a building or an industrial process. The process of heat extraction can also be reversed, allowing heat pumps to be used to provide cooling for air conditioning or other purposes.

GHP technology is mature in the commercial/industrial sector, and is also emerging in the residential sector, providing heating and cooling across a wide range of applications

Gas Engine Heat Pumps are mainly used for commercial heating and cooling in new builds and retrofits today (often using heat recovery from the engine for hot water production).

There is an established market for Gas Engine Heat Pumps in the light commercial & industrial sector for heating and cooling in the range of 20-100s kW with most manufacturers coming from Japan/South Korea. There is also a steadily growing market in the multi-family homes using absorption technology for heating and cooling. In this sector, most products are coming from European, and to lesser extent North American manufacturers.

LPG Gas Heat Pumps are an ideal heating and cooling solution for areas which are outside the natural gas grid or in areas with limited or unreliable electricity supply

Heat gathered from the outside is coupled with waste heat produced from the combustion process. Thus, depending on the technology adopted, GHPs can result in heating efficiencies of 140% and cooling efficiencies of 160%, hence the GHPs can be considered also as under the renewable energies applications. In summary, it is a highly efficient piece of equipment, transferring hot and cold air where it is needed most.


There are three main types of Gas Heat Pumps

  • Gas Engine Heat Pumps (GEnHP);  the fuel gas provides mechanical energy via a gas engine, mainly used for commercial heating and cooling in new build and retrofit today (often using heat recovery from the engine for hot water production). 
  • Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAbHP); the burning gas acts as the energy provider to drive the thermal extraction process, mainly used for commercial heating in new build and retrofit in the current market. 
  • Gas Adsorption Heat Pumps (GAdHP); currently mainly used for domestic heating in the new build sector. 

These Gas Heat Pumps can generate hot and cold water simultaneously to enable savings to be achieved when both utilities are required. 


  • Heating efficiencies of up to 140%
  • Cooling efficiencies of up to 160%
  • ‘Free’ heat from the environment is captured
  • Can heat and cool simultaneously, where it is needed most, can also produce hot water.
  • Sited externally, they don’t require a boiler room.
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances and Interest Free Carbon Trust Loans could be made available in some areas.

Ideal for Schools Hotels Leisure centres etc.

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