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Water Pump

For off-grid homes, pumping water from a well and powering a pressure tank are the next greatest energy loads.
Portable water pumps are mainly used for transporting water for domestic, emergency water bailing and agricultural purposes. They are also used to provide fire protection or to supply irrigation activities.  
Smaller units are designed to handle light duty jobs like lawn sprinkling, garden watering and in some cases domestic fire-fighting.
More powerful units tackle agricultural spraying, irrigation, dewatering, emergency water supply and bailing as well as fire-fighting and pressure boosting.
The portability of these machines allow for their use in the most remote and harshest of areas. 


There exist LPG conversion kits for existing gasoline or diesel units. These kits are user-friendly and easy to install.


LPG is a green fuel with a huge cost saving and reliability benefits.  
-  LPG water pumps offer longer running times compared to gasoline water pumps.
-  They offer great portability, they are easy to operate and are suitable for a variety of applications.
-  They have lower maintenance requirements meaning fewer repairs, greater reliability and a longer engine life.
-  LPG Water pumps are more durable and reliable than traditional gasoline and diesel powered water pumps.
-  They allow savings of up to 70% if compared to gasoline powered water pumps (lower fuel costs per operating hour and allows better control of fuel costs).
-  Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline.
-  These water pumps offer cleaner emissions that are soot free as well as smoke and odour-free (LPG can reduce hydrocarbon emissions by up to 70%). LPG use significantly reduces pollutions from traditional fuels and is beneficial to users and the environment.   
-  LPG does not go stale, get contaminated or undergo theft like traditional fuels.
-  LPG also doesn’t undergo spillage of which 17 million gallons of gasoline are accidently spilled yearly.

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