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Commercial Boat Engines

LPG is a very attractive fuel in many segments of the commercial marine market. Its undeniable environmental benefits make it an ideal fuel for use in environmentally protected areas, lakes, rivers but also largely in fishing fleets where water contamination from the marine fuel can have severe adverse effects. The use of LPG as an engine fuel is particularly popular in boats operating in salmon fishing farms.    

Besides its environmental benefits, in many countries the use of LPG in the marine segment provides also significant cost saving opportunities for fleets and other boat operators.


The engines are equipped with components similar to those used in an automotive engines:

  • Fixed LPG tank or cylinder cabinet for removable fuel tanks
  • Liquid injection system or vaporiser
  • Tank or cabinet installations in accordance to standards in combination with type-approved components for a high level of safety. 


Significant benefits associated with the use of LPG in marine engines

  • Fuel cost savings
  • Reliability and maintenance advantages in the both commercial and recreational market.
  • Significant environmental advantages
  • Being an ideal engine fuel for small outboard motors, by solving major engine reliability and maintenance issues avoiding ethanol related engine and fuel tank issues.
  • Allowing amongst an increasingly environmentally conscious base of users, safe use of marine engines in environmentally sensitive areas and particularly in state and local marine fisheries, harbor patrol and safety vessels

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