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Steam Car Washer

Steam car washing starts gaining more attention, next to normal car washing with water. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need to conserve water resources, LPG steam car washers become more and more popular since they safe significantly water resources. Traditional car wash service operators, gas stations, parking lots, car rental agencies, car centers, maintenance shops, big market and large buildings, car interior shops, car markets and showrooms, start adopting LPG stream washers to wash all parts of a car, interior and exterior. It can make the car interior feel fresher, can clean effectively the air conditioner filter, the engine, even entering into the smallest gaps on the car engine and body.

LPG powered steam cleaners save also time. Car washing is completed in a fraction of the time normally needed with water and with visibly superior results, leaving surfaces surfaces and floor mats clean as soon as the steam cleaning is completed. For deep cleaning, LPG powered steam cleaners easily clean engines, engine bays and under the hood, reaching the most difficult surfaces and driving dirt from even the smallest and deepest crevices.

With LPG steam washers, the cost of buying chemicals and cleaning materials is reduced considerably impacting on the overall operating cost of a car wash business.

Due to their portability, LPG mobile steam car washers can be moved from one location to the other and as no external power connection is required, they can be used even in areas where there is no electric power supply.


  • Portable, some units they can be used anywhere, needing no electric power supply
  • Steam humidity adjustment function for dry steam
  • Less water usage: Washing with steam is ecological, using less water and being able in some cases to be used without a wastewater utility
  • Clean better: Remove dust, oil, insects etc. on the external body and easier stains in the interior. 
  • Reduce operational costs due to speed of cleaning and less chemicals
  • Being free from fixed electricity power supply system, they are well suitable for door to door car wash services.


  • Environment-friendly, free from detergent, they use less water, while providing excellent cleaning effect
  • They save energy, more steam per watt produced than in a boiler steamer and no wasted energy in heating water and steam that may not be used.
  • Portable, some LPG car wash units can be used anywhere due to their mobility, less electrical components, make steam washers lighter.
  • They produce almost instant steam, could be 1-2 minute heating time depending on units.
  • Perfect cleaning results, LPG stream washers’ clean windows without streaking, remove stickers, wax, tar and other compounds from chrome, moldings and fenders as well as lettering from windshields, windows glass and mirrors effectively
  • Particularly effective during low winter temperatures when water based units cannot be used due to water freezing.

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