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LPG Barbecues

LPG is the most efficient fuel for cooking. Several hundred million people, across the globe, rely on LPG for one of the most basic needs, cooking. LPG cookers and barbecues provide immediate heat on ignition, removing the need for a warming-up period. LPG also produces heat that responds instantly to changes in setting and distributes the heat more broadly across the base of cooking implements. Furthermore, LPG burns efficiently with no black smoke, leaving no marks on cooking instruments and providing for easier wash-up. The cooking appliances used by most people in the developed world operate at the flick of a switch or the twist of a knob.


LPG barbecues offer a range of benefits including controllable heat, time savings and environmental benefits


  • Ease of Use: preparing, igniting and attending to a charcoal grill, is a thing of the past, simply turn a knob and presto grill-o! LPG grills are easy to start up and heat within minutes.
  • Direct, High Heat: About 90% of the best steakhouses grill their rare-aged prime beef with gas for a darker, all-over sear only achievable with high heat. A gas grill reaches very high temperatures faster than charcoal, while retaining more heat.
  • Cleanup: Cleaning a gas grill is simple, turn the burners on high for a few minutes, and then scrape down the cooking grate. No need to worry about messy charcoal residue, stacking, lighting, smelly lighter fluid, flare-ups, drips or ashes like charcoal.
  • Operating Costs: Much less than charcoal and no need for briquettes, lighter fluid, tools for pushing coals and more.
  • Eco-Friendly: Charcoal grills can emit three times the carbon footprint of a gas grill.
  • LPG is colorless, odorless and nontoxic, one of the cleanest burning fuels
  • Temperature Control: With a LPG service grill, you get better heat consistency, and temperature control is a cinch.
  • Longevity: Not only does a well-taken care of LPG grill last a long time, but a full, residential LPG tank will burn for as long as 16-20 hours.
  • Versatility: A LPG grill can be used year round, indoors or outside. Some are even portable and come in handy, compact sizes perfect for camping or picnics.
  • Taste: You’ll never feel any LPG odour or taste in the food with a gas grill. Miss the smoky flavor of charcoal? Many LPG grills have smoke boxes for wood chips, providing the smoky flavor without the hassle or hindrance of charcoal.
  • Accessories: From rotisseries and spice racks, to LPG fuel gauges and more, there are a number of LPG grill accessories to enhance your grilling experience to its fullest potential. Our retail locations carry all of these products and much more.

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