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Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine

Automatic Ice-Cream Cone Baking Machines are efficient ovens for the large scale production of all kinds of ice cream cones, moulded sugar cones, cups and hollow wafers. These machines are easy to use and robust. According to the output required, these machines are supplied with 12,18,24 30, 36 baking moulds or higher. These ovens can be heated by Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas, LPG, Propane) besides the available electric units. Usually they are are driven by a motor with a variable speed attachments and are durable for high production on nonstop basis for 24 hours.

The baking moulds are mounted on carriages fitted onto an endless chain. These moulds pass under an automatic batter depositor at a selected speed between 90sec. to 3 minutes. The batter pump is synchronized with the movement of the moulds to ensure accurate injection of the batter into the center of the mould. On emerging from the oven an automatic stripping device removes the waste batter. These moulds automatically open and the baked cones are ejected onto the stacking conveyor and subsequently packed.



  • The efficient insulation of the baking chamber gives a minimum loss of heat and efficient utilization of energy
  • Fully automatic
  • An automatic stacking device can be supplied as an extra in some units


  • Economical
  • Allow quick heat up times ensuring faster production
  • More economical since LPG / Propane is cheaper than electric power