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Flame Burners and Torches for the Kitchen and the Bar

LPG flamers, burners and torches (called also culinary, cooking, kitchen or food torches), are great for the kitchen, either for making creme brulee, caramelise sugar on top of pies and cakes, give a great finishing colour to a roast or gratin, quickly heat the bottom of a metal bowl to keep a frosting or meringue from breaking, warm a chilled springform pan for quick release, cook meat and especially seal the outside of a great steak and so much more. 

Propane or butane and their mixtures are all perfect for the purpose so long as the flame of the torch is properly adjusted to obtain a fully oxidizing flame. This is a flame that is produced with an excess of oxygen and it can be checked easily by making sure that the torch is burning dark blue, the flame is relatively short in length, and hisses and roars. Frequently, people have too large of a flame that is burning yellow at the tip. This is a reducing flame, also referred to as a carburizing flame because there are uncombusted hydrocarbons in the flame that will end up in the food, imparting an unpleasant taste. 

Too often, people aim the blow torch at the food before they have it appropriately adjusted. Not only do they often end up torching the food with an unclean flame, but it could be also some incomplete combusted fuel touching the food. The best advice, always light the torch facing away from the food, then adjust the torch to produce a short, hissing dark blue flame and all will be perfect.

So, have you thought what is your best use of the LPG kitchen torch?

Thomas Kellar, the celebrity chef who founded the famous restaurant in Napa Valley called “The French Laundry,” has shared with the world his secret for perfect prime rib. You see, prime rib has to be rare, and thus it’s best cooked at a very low temp. The problem with this is that it’s hard to get a nice caramelized crust at that temp. You could broil it or something first, but that would cook a little too deep. So instead, the best solution is, as always, the blowtorch. Before popping the roast into the oven, char the outside with an LPG blowtorch, for The Best Prime Rib Ever, watch the video!

Sergio del Pozo, in the Waterloo bar of the Royal Windsor hotel in Brussels showed us how to smoke rum with LPG and wood chips and prepare an unforgettable cocktail, read how in the related links and watch the video in the videos section.


  • Precision valve for flame control
  • Automatic ignition


  • Small size, fits any kitchen
  • Completely mobile, can be moved where is needed
  • Easy to use by everyone, light
  • Quick heating power at an instant
  • Excellent flame control

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