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Liquid Propane Enrichment of Biomethane

The Liquid Propane Injection System represents not only a revolutionary step forward with regards to propane enrichment of biomethane, but its efficiency has been proven to work time and again. Flogas holds the exclusive right to the Liquid Propane Injection System in the UK and can use it in the design and installation of biomethane plants.

For injecting this green energy source back into the national grid the biomethane needs to reach the gas quality standards as set out in the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996. Typically natural gas in the UK grid contains 90% methane, with a calorific value of about 39.5 MJ/m3. Biomethane on its own characteristically has a methane content of up to 98% and a calorific value of 36 MJ/m3. In order to match the two energy sources, biomethane needs to be ‘spiked’ with a gas with a higher energy content, such as propane.

Rapid depletion of non-renewable energy resources and the threat of global climate change have forced the energy sector to look for alternative sources of energy in order to generate enough energy and preserve the environment at the same time. Unfortunately, the technology for utilization of green energy remains very expensive or unable to satisfy the world’s need for energy, or both. There is, however, one alternative source of energy which has great potential when it comes to efficient power generation at acceptable cost – biomethane.

Natural gas is classified as fossil fuel, whereas biomethane is defined as a green source of energy. Like its name suggests, fossil fuel derived methane is produced from thousands or millions of years old fossil remains of organic matter that lies buried deep in the ground. Production of fossil fuel derived methane, however, depends exclusively on its natural reserves which vary greatly from one country to another and are not available in limitless amounts. Biomethane, on the other hand, is produced from “fresh” organic matter which makes it a renewable source of energy that can be produced worldwide.



  • Revolutonary and efficient step forward 
  • Cost free cooling sollution when injecting back to the grid
  • Biomethane is identical to fossil fuel derived methane or natural gas and can be used to substitute natural gas and in large extent, oil and coal as well.


  • Reduced need for fossil fuels
  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases
  • Significantly lower cost than petrochemical equivalents
  • Significant reduction in pollution and carbon emissions

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