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LPG / Propane Hammer

The LPG / Propane hammer is an exceptional power tool,  to help drive posts into the ground easily. It is fuelled by any small LPG / Propane cylinder or tank available everywhere in the market. This type of hammer is the most convenient, user-friendly way to drive various kinds of posts of channel, telespar, angles, U-shape or other types into the ground for any construction project.  It can be used on all types of soft or hard surfaces, dry, frozen, even rocky ground. It can deliver more than 100 blows per minute with high driving force.
Easily handled, can be used by one person alone, it is 100% self-contained, allowing post installation in remote locations without the need for electric power, hydraulics or compressed air.


  • Single user operation
  • Accepts selection of drive heads
  • Adjustable blows frequency (blows per minute)
  • Adjustable driving force


  • Portable can be easily moved to any location
  • No need for electric or hydraulic power on site
  • Accelerates significantly any post driving job
  • Uses easily available LPG / Propane cylinders in the market