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Additional Supply or Natural Gas Backup

LPG’s function as a replacement or complement to Natural Gas (NG) comes in the form of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) (also known as propane-air or LPG-air). SNG is a homogeneous blend of LPG and air, mixed in suitable proportions to simulate Natural Gas.

Natural Gas may need to be replaced by SNG in cases of:

  • Gas shortages;
  • Gas pipeline not available yet;
  • Daily or other peak shaving needs (supplements NG to help eliminate shortages) ; 
  • Gas price fluctuations;
  • Stipulations of an interruptible gas contract.

SNG supports NG during supply interruptions as e.g. a back-up generator would do for electricity from the grid.

SNG can even be used as a ‘bridge fuel’ – in a location where the future supply of natural gas is being planned but gas needs are immediate. The base-load system could then be converted to a standby system at a later date.

The main challenge in directly switching NG with LPG, without mixing air, would be the changes necessary to burners and control systems, especially in critical situations when gas supplies suddenly fail. LPG via SNG provides seamless fuel swapping with no pressure or orifice changesAny extended dead-time experienced by industrial processes can have severe implications. SNG systems ensure that a continuous source of gas is available. 

Synthetic natural gas standby systems deliver an economically desirable, reliable, environmentally friendly energy source that seamlessly replaces or supplements natural gas as needed.