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Drying (Crop, Cereal, Fruit & Tobacco)

LPG is used to power rice, corn, fruit and grain dryers more efficiently and effectively, preserving the economic value of the crop regardless of the weather.

As weather and climate patterns change, it is up to farm managers to ensure that effective and efficient crop drying methods are in place.
LPG provides clean and easily controllable power for mobile and fixed grain dryers.  It facilitates safe, economic and highly effective drying of various crops (such as potatoes, wheat, maize, barley, rapeseed and onions amongst others) as optimum drying conditions can be easily maintained.

This allows farmers to preserve the quality of their crops and get better prices for their produce by meeting specific market specifications for moisture content. On average, 2.5 litres of LPG will decrease the moisture level of a ton of grain by 1%.
LPG use also enhances efficiency since 90% of the LPG used is converted to energy, meaning less waste and higher cost efficiency.  The complete combustion minimises chances of grain combustion, contamination, water ingress or fuel sediment thus reducing crop wastage. 


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