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Lighting Fishing Boats

Night fishing can be productive and very enjoyable especially during the hot summer months, but it comes with some disadvantages as well. Poor and inadequate visibility at night is the biggest challenge that anglers deal with when fishing at night. Whether one is fishing on a quiet inland lake, or out on the open ocean, LPG applications can be used to provide effective and efficient lighting in fishing boats.

Since all fishing vessels must show required running lights between the hours of sunset and sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility, such as fog and heavy rain, LPG generators can be used to provide indoor and outdoor lighting in fishing boats throughout the fishing expedition.

In addition to this, though the benefit of light as an attraction to fish has been known to mankind since our earliest days, LPG applications can be used to provide reliable lighting that can attract and serve as bait for fishes especially during the night.

Furthermore, gas Lamps can also be used for aesthetic and lighting purposes in and around fishing boats. Whether it is drifting boats, night boats, vessels, LPG applications guarantee reliable power generation option for fishing expedition.


  • An effective and efficient source of light in remote areas such as high sea, lakes etc where electricity not available
  • A variety of small medium and large lighting systems and lantern sizes with or without piezo ignition for convenient and easy lighting


  • Effective and cost efficient: LPG powered lamps provide an effective light source away from electricity and require no batteries or recharging.
  • Bright and quality lighting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provide continuous lighting in and around the entire boat without blinding the crew.