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Air conditioning

Climate change and global warming have demanded accessible, affordable and environmentally-friendly cooling systems - not just in the form of refrigerators but also air conditioners.
The use of hydrocarbon refrigerants has significantly increased over the last 5 years primarily because of their low environmental impact. 

 LPG can provide cooling solutions for a variety of commercial and retail premises, including pubs, restaurants, offices, residential properties, retail outlets, clubs, hair salons, conference venues and meeting rooms. These systems are both cost effective and energy efficient. LPG can even be used in automobiles running on LPG or other gaseous fuels for air conditioning.
Furthermore, in commercial spaces (airports, shopping malls, etc) that own private gas turbine power-plants, LPG can be used for zero cost air-conditioning.


LPG is versatile even its function as a fuel for air-conditioning. It powers heat pumps, serves as a heat transfer medium in evaporator systems, as well as serving an important role as a refrigerant (R290).


  •  Reduced capital cost, with the flexibility to further reduce up-front costs.
  • The systems enable users to install the heating first and then follow on with cooling, with no disruption to the building.
  • Reduced running costs and low energy consumption. No requirement for miles of cabling or electrical input associated with electrical powered splits.
  • LPG systems are easily installed by and offer simple operation
  • They are environmentally friendly, giving a substantial reduction on CO2 emissions
  • LPG-powered systems are designed to deliver an ultra-quiet operation.
  • The ability to enjoy the flexibility and cost benefit of using one fuel for heating, cooling and hot water requirements.