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Hot beverages preparation

Whether it is cappuccino, espresso coffee, tea, steam or hot water, LPG beverage preparation machines are perfect for the mobile caterer who wishes to offer an authentic beverage house experience whilst on the go.

It is suitable for mobile coffee vans and locations with no mains power supply, outdoor events, festivals, etc.


The boiler pressure is controlled by a gas pressure valve which controls the gas burner.


It is portable and can be used in mobile van coffee shops, camps, festival, outdoor events etc

LPG beverage machines have stable and efficient temperature. It can match the performance of any electrical set-up alternatives.

It is an exciting and viable option for anyone with a mobile coffee operation unit who are used to running noisy generators

LPG beverage machines are clean, green, quieter and cheaper to run.


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    LPG Coffee Machine

    LPG coffee machines are the ideal solution for preparing coffee wherever there is no (or insufficient) power supply. Having the option to use LPG or electricity provides unrivaled versatility and mobility. ... Read More